For guidance on DCRA solar permitting and inspections, including solar permitting fees, download the following guidelines. Solar PV Systems Guidelines (PDF) Solar Thermal Systems Guidelines (PDF) QUICK LINKS Solar Advantage Plus Program – Program provides rebates to help low-income DC residents install solar panels on their homes. District of Columbia Solar Map – Estimate any property’s rooftop solar potential, costs, and environmental benefits Planning for Home Renewable Energy Systems PV WATTS Calculator – Estimate Your PV System’s Electrical Output How Solar Water Heating Systems Work Federal Tax Credits Available for Solar and Energy Efficiency Projects (The District of Columbia does not offer tax incentives at this time.) How Solar Electric Systems Work DCRA Guidelines for Solar PV Systems – Permitting and safety inspections DCRA Guidelines for Solar Thermal Systems – Permitting and safety inspections Pepco – Green Power Connection Pepco Green Power Connection – Interconnection of PV systems DC Public Service Commission Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Program – Register solar systems to generate and sell solar renewable energy credits (SRECs)