Energy Conservation Code

The DC Energy Conservation Code is the 2012 IECC as modified by the 2013 DC Construction Code Supplement (12-I) and can be found here. Commercial projects and multifamily buildings 4 stories and above, have the option* of choosing ASHRAE 90.1-2010 as an alternative energy code. The design team is strongly encouraged to make this decision early in the design process, as there are different requirements in each code that may change design decisions.

* First-time tenant layouts in a new "core & shell" building are required to utilize the same energy code as the base building used for permitting, or a more current DC Energy Conservation Code, if available.

Green Construction Code and Green Building Act

To confirm applicability of the DC Green Construction Code (DC-IgCC) and Green Building Act (GBA) to your project, voluntarily complete a Green Determination Request Form and submit to or in person at any time during design phase. If parameters of the project change, the official determination by DCRA may be subject to change as well.