The 2013 DC Green Construction Code consists of the 2012 International Green Construction Code as amended by the District of Columbia 2013 Green Construction Code Supplement (12 DCMR K).  To determine applicability of the GCC to your project, review section 101.4.9 of the2013 DC Building Code.

Green & Energy compliance System (GECS)

The Green & Energy Compliance System is a Google spreadsheet designed to assist design teams and builders meet Green & Energy Code requirements at plan review, inspections, and post-occupancy. Within the GECS, the GCCS sheet provides point-by-point confirmation of code compliance, facilitating communication & documentation between all parties. It will also generate inspection checklists that should help ease worksite concerns about addressing a new code. The other key component of the GECS are the Submittal Templates. These are the forms onto which design & build teams gather, organize, and submit the various information required for their project, as listed on the Submittal Checklist. [Please note the certain features of the GECS are still in development: particularly, the Energy Code components are not yet in place, and the EVS still fulfills that role]

Get a GECS workbook for a new project by filling out the GECS Request form here.

The form will require the project address along with other distinguishing information, the permit number if you have one, and a valid Google account name (ideally). It will create your sheet, and share it with the Google account you've entered: please make sure it's a valid Google account. Note that gmail is not the same as a Google account (which can be connected to a gmail account, or to a different email account). Once it is shared with you, you can share it with other people on your team, either to view, comment, or edit. DCRA will retain ownership of the project's GECS workbook, and entries will function as submissions. In order to maintain security on the document, you should share it only with valid Google accounts. If you don't wish to use a Google account, or if you share it with a non-Google account, that will essentially turn off security & tracking, so it is not ideal but can accomodate such needs.

GREEN Code Inspections

Inspections associated with the DC Green Code are done by DCRA personnel -- even on otherwise third-party-inspected projects. The Green Building Program realizes the time pressures associated with many of these jobs, and is striving to provide very quick inspection scheduling -- next day scheduling is often available.

To schedule an inspection, please go to the Inspection Request form here.

The Green Building Division is working diligently to keep our processes fast and simple. Please give us feedback on what's going well, and how the experience might be improved at green.building@dc.gov