Inspection Scheduler

Inspection Types

  1. Green Demolition Inspection: at the time of indoor air quality plan implementation but prior to starting construction activities likely to produce dust or odors.

  2. Green Rough-In Inspection: at the time of the first Building Insulation Inspection or after Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Rough Inspections are complete but prior to installing drywall.

  3. Green Final Inspection: at the time of Building Final Inspection or after finishes, plumbing fixtures, and light controls are installed.

  4. Energy QA: mandatory Green Building Division inspection of particular energy code requirement(s). Applicability is identified o the cover sheet of the plans in the form of a red and green stamp.

  5. Pre-Construction Meeting: optional on-site informational meeting may be requested by the project team to gain a better understanding of Energy and Green Code inspection related requirements.