The Green Building Program Manual Sectional Reference Guides are published by chapter of the Green Construction Code and by section of the Energy Conservation Code.  The guides are intended as in depth references on construction process timing, code compliance options and best practices for how the codes might be achieved, but does not remove, replace or add new requirements to the project.  For the specific code requirements, you will need to reference the 2012 IgCC and IECC and the 2013 District Supplements.


Each section of the Green Construction and Energy Conservation Codes will follow an outline similar to below to provide additional information and guidance on code application.  Future releases of this reference guide will include additional information to help building professionals comply with the Energy Conservation and Green Construction Codes.

  • KEY REQUIREMENTS : A high level list of requirements in each section.
  • TIMING IN CONSTRUCTION PROCESS : A timeline of what this section of code actually entails, including requirements and recommendations of what should be undertaken in all phases of the project
  • RATIONALE, BENEFITS AND INTENTION : A detailed summary of each code section that gives additional guidance, considerations, design details, and other resources that will help building professionals develop a deeper understanding of the code section, connect the dots to larger green building topics, and “read between the lines” of the specific code section.  
  • BEST PRACTICES AND INNOVATIONS : A list and description of industry best practices and innovations that are used to implement and meet the requirements of each code section, specific to the District’s climate zone and region.  
  • CASE STUDIES : Information on projects that have used a best practice or code requirement to achieve a goal.  These are curated from existing resources, and have not been rewritten.  Each case study can be seen in its original format at the website listed on its page. 
  • RELATED CODES AND REFERENCED STANDARDS : Lists of all pre-approved agencies, processes, sources, standards and other references throughout the Green Construction and Energy Conservation Codes that cite an “approved” alternative to the stated code language.  Additionally, this section provides a list of references to related ICC codes, other codes, and/or other referenced standards in each section.
  • RESOURCES : A list and description of critical journals, supplementary codes, web resources, books, and other resources that can be used for additional guidance when applying the green and energy codes.

While the information presented in these guidelines is believed to be correct, the parties involved assume no responsibility for its accuracy or for the opinions expressed herein. The material presented in this publication is not considered “Code” and should only be used for reference and guidance in complying with the requirements of the District of Columbia’s Green Building and Energy Conservation Codes.  Users of information from this publication assume all liability arising from such use.


Chapter 4 : Site Development and Land Use  

Chapter 5 : Material Resource Conservation and Efficiency 

Chapter 6 : Energy Conservation, Efficiency and CO2e Emission Reduction 

Chapter 7 : Water Resource Conservation, Quality and Efficiency 

Chapter 8 : Indoor Environmental Quality and Comfort 

Chapter 9 : Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance 

Appendix A